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Pokhara valley offers many unique items from adventure sports, trekking, hiking, sightseeing, etc. to research-related activities. So, below are the things to do in Pokhara.

Boating in Phewa Lake:

Lake Phewa is a fabulous destination for sightseeing, boating, exploring Tal Barahi temple, Himalayan views, and exploring the majestic scenarios of the sunset from the Himalayan laps. Also, Phewa Tal (Lake) is the second-largest Lake in Nepal, situated in the southern territory of Pokhara city. The eastern and northern slaps of Lake Phewa are full of quality hotels, lodges, bars, pubs, sovereign businesses, etc.

Thus, these areas are called the Lakeside area, where you will find numerous foreigners enjoying and refreshing. Boating in Phewa Lake gives you a fabulous platform to explore vast Himalayan ranges of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri and Mt. Fishtail (Mt. Machhapuchhre).

Tal Barahi visit:

Tal Barahi temple is the island temple, situated at the central point of Lake Phewa. It is a symbol of ancient architecture, which is dedicated to god Vishnu. Tal Barahi temple is a 2-pagoda style temple, which is a sacred temple among the devotees. Thus, its an ultimate limelight of Lake Phewa.

Davi’s Falls visit:

Davi’s Falls is a waterfall in Pokhara city, which forms an underground tunnel after striking the inclined bottom rocks. It is one of the significant highlights of Pokhara city.

Davi’s falls flow 100 feet below the ground level, and its flow reaches towards the Gupteshwor cave. Travelers can explore electrifying views of Davi’s falls, which is approximately about 500 feet long.

Seti River Gorge:

It’s an ultimate spot to catch the fabulous water flow of the Seti river along with the hilly background. River Seti’s electric water flow passes through the rocky walls and gives a great glimpse of thunderous water flow. Travelers can catch this gigantic mixture of water flow and hard rocks through the slaps of the Seti River gorge. This fabulous view can be explored even more deeply through the northern part of Pokhara, across the Gorkha Museum.

Bindabashini Temple:

A sacred Hindu temple located near Bagar, Pokhara, which is dedicated to the goddess Durga. Bindabashini Temple is the most famous temple of Pokhara, as many devotees come to worship here every day. It is a 2-pagoda style white temple located at about 3000 ft above sea level with the ultimate Himalayan background. Travelers can discover an outstanding glimpse of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Machhapuchhre, etc. across the circuit of this sacred temple.

Mahendra Cave:

Mahendra Cave is another natural grace of Pokhara, which is located at Batulechaur nearby the Kali Khola. The cave is a top center of attraction for tourists throughout the year. Limestones from all parts layer this cave, and when some limes strike the ground, some electric sparks forms. Some of the corridors of Mahendra cave are extremely darker, so some of the areas here have few artificial lights. Mahendra cave is home to bats and invertebrates, for many years. The ascending, descending, and the curving routes of Mahendra Cave are full of outstanding geography for anyone to discover.

Begnas Lake:

Situated at the south-eastern part of Pokhara valley is the peaceful freshwater Lake, Begnas Lake. There are numerous resorts, hilltop restaurants across the edge of this Lake, which is very popular among Tourists. Similarly, the boating experience of Begnas Lake will give an ultimate view of mountain ranges, peaceful hills, jungles, and backyard villages. Also, fishing and freshwater swimming in Begnas Lake have become a major highlighting factor.

Begnas Tal (Lake) is the third-largest Lake in Nepal, second only to Phewa Lake. The water level rate of this Lake fluctuates according to the season, mainly due to heavy rains and irrigation.
Thus, Begnas lake is a great destination within the majestic natural glair of Pokhara valley.

Sarangkot (Paragliding):

Paragliding through the majestic hills of Sarangkot is an excellent adventurous option in Pokhara. It is an adventurous aviation sport where the pilot sits in a lap of suspension below a fabric wing. Similarly, the wing shape is balanced by a suspension line, the pressure of air entered at its front and the aerodynamic airflow over its design. Paragliding flights operate according to the client’s demand. Some of the premium packages range from 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, and 90 mins of flight. Paragliding experience gives you the ultimate experience of being in the air, as the altitude of flight ranges from 2500m and extends up to 3000m above sea level. This aviation experience gives you the ultimate vision of panoramic mountain ranges such as Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri,

Mt. Machhapuchhre, Mt. Manaslu, and other sister mountain ranges. Similarly, you can see the crystal view of Lake Phewa from an altitude of above 2500m. Paragliding experience gives you the vibes of being sky king or queen observing the panoramic view of Pokhara.
Similarly, from Sarangkot hills, you can experience the early sunrise, where light rays kiss snowy mountains, greeny cliffs all at one glimpse.
Thus, the exploration of Sarangkot hills and paragliding across these hills are a fabulous option to do in Pokhara.

Sky Diving:

Sky Diving is another adventurous flying sport, where you can have a rounded view of Himalayas, up hills, rivers, lakes, etc. If you want to go extreme, then the Pokhara Sky Diving experience is an ultimate option for you. Sky Diving is done from a Plane or Chopper, which is the wildest and unique experience. Also, the Sky Diving experience in Nepal is relatively unique from the rest of the world, because you can view the 360-degree motions of large Himalayan ranges.
Skydiving in Pokhara takes place next to the Mt. Annapurna range and below the crystally Phewa Lake. It can be done ion tandem or solo, under the guidance of experienced pilots. Thus, safety is maintained and assured for Skydiving, which is gradually becoming the king of adventure sports in Pokhara.

World Peace Pagoda/Shanti Stupa:

The world peace pagoda in Pokhara is a symbol of peace, which is at the Anadu hills. It is also known as Shanti Stupa, designed under the Buddhist ideology, as it is the Buddhist monument site. Shanti Stupa has added fabulous beauty in Pokhara due to its tourist attraction. World peace Pagoda is the second most fabulous point of attraction in Pokhara. This pagoda-style Buddhist monastery is a symbol of world peace, harmony, and gesture. People reach this pagoda through several routes, especially from Mahendrapool, which is the top business hub in Pokhara. Trekking, hiking, cycling are the top choice to reach this ultimate destination. Also, from the edge of Phewa Lake, travelers can explore this dynamic architecture, crossing the hilly forest elevation.

Similarly, there is a rough route to reach this ultimate architecture, which takes about 25 minutes of drive from Chhorepatan. The Shanti Stupa of Pokhara and Lumbini are the two principal peace pagoda of Nepal. From the top view of this pagoda, you can see the whole of Pokhara valley and majestic settings of gigantic Himalayan rangers. The ultimate vision of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Machhapuchhre, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Dhaulagiri, and their sister peaks is experienced from this monument on clear weather.
Hence, the World Peace Pagoda has added a permanent color to the ever colorful Pokhara city.

International Mountain Museum:

International Mountain Museum in Ratopahiro, Pokhara, is an ultimate destination for travelers, trekkers, mountaineers, scholars, and researchers. This museum is entirely dedicated to the mountaineers, mountains, and trekking gadgets. Travelers can research about several topics related to mountaineering, as this mountain museum is gifted with ample of histories concerned with mountaineering. You can see explorer various books, gears, research materials, posters, mountaineers records, and many more in the International Mountain Museum.
In addition to this, travelers can research various floras, faunas, precious stones, and culture of the Himalayas.


It is another adventurous flying-sport in Pokhara, which is famous for its Himalayas experience. The Ultra Light flight experience gives a 360-degree birds-eye view of mountains, lakes, city areas, traditional villages, hills, forests, and the whole of Pokhara valley. Ultralight Flight from Pokhara gives you the experience beyond your imagination. You have to wish you can discover even more. Ultralight flights are safer and operated by experienced pilots. So, if you want to feel like an Eagle, then the aviation experience of Ultralight flying is a valid option.

Mountain Biking:

Pokhara is an adventurous city where there are ample of mountain biking routers from the city areas to the upper hilly tracks. You can go for a city ride on a mountain bike, which will give you fresh air, refreshing energy, and ample discovery of this dynamic city. Similarly, you can opt to explore the World Peace Pagoda, on a mountain bike along the ascending and descending rocky routes. In addition to this, there are various mountain Biking routes in Pokhara, which are beyond imaginations.

Zip Flyer:

Zip flyer experience is adventurous and daring, where you can experience a horrifying view of rivers, gorge, rocky hills from very high altitude along the ropeways. In Zip flyer, you will be crossing one ridge to another on a zip way at a speed of 140km/hr. You will be suspended solo on a rope aerodynamically; then, you will be sent to the next hills through this zip line. This Zip flying experience will give you the chance to view various mountain ranges like Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, & Mt. Fishtail (Machhapuchre).

In addition to this, you will get a 180-degree view of panoramic Pokhara valley. The total length of this Zip Flyer is 1.8 Km with an initial incline of 56 degrees and a vertical drop of 600m.
This Zipline in Pokhara is the tallest, steepest, and longest zip line among all other ziplines in the world. You can experience the Zip flyer, which is only a 30-minute ride from Pokhara city. Its a comfortable and safer adventure sports where ultimate safety measures are applied.
You have to go solo for zip flyer, however other flyers are suspended in tandem along the same zip route.

Bungee Jumping:

Experience the highest water touch Bunjee in the world from Pokhara’s Hemja hills near the Tibetan refugee camp. This Bungee first and the only towered Bunjee of Nepal. This high ground Bungee has something on its scalp for all.

From the jump site of Pokhara Bungee, you can discover gigantic views of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Fishtail, river sites, and hillsides.
Travelers can reach Pokhara Bungee Jump site at about 20 minutes of ride from the Lakeside areas.

Hot-Air Ballooning:

It’s a kind of envelope-shaped balloon-type aircraft blown by the fire of a burning liquid. This balloon is made up of woven leather. A basket lifts the passenger under the balloons suspension.

Hot air Ballooning takes you to an altitude of about 500m.
It is one of the popular commercially organized aviation sport in Nepal. Pokhara is an ultimate home to such adventurous tourism. From Hot Air Ballooning, you will experience panoramic mountain views, lakes, valley, hilltop villages, forests, hills of Lamjung, and the fabulous glimpse of encompassing lakes.

The hot air ballooning premiers from Dhanpus or Lauruk and concludes at the bank of gorgeous river Mardi. It is prevalent among adventure seekers, thrill lovers, and daring enthusiasts.

Pony Ride:

Enjoy Pony Riding experience in Pokhara, which is a popular choice among tourists. The Ponyman will be handling the horse on your entire tour. Pony Riding experience takes you towards the city areas, lakesides, rocky hills, narrower corridors of Pokhara, etc. It’s a kind of day out in Pokhara because you can take photographs, videos and explore the majestic beauty of Pokhara concurrently with Pondy Riding.

Similarly, World Peace Pagoda is a fabulous destination to reach during Pony Riding, where you can discover ascending, descending, and narrower hilly routes. Also, the lakeside experience, along with Pony Ride gives you a refreshing and spiritual feeling.

Day Hiking:

Day Hiking experience is a fabulous experience in Pokhara, where you can experience greeneries, hilly corridors, large Himalayan ranges, floras, faunas, traditional villages, and the ultimate rocky routes. Sarangkot day hiking and Worldpeace Pagoda are few modern-day hiking destinations among many hiking routes in this majestic valley. Sarangkot day hiking begins with early morning kick-off towards the glorious hills of Sarangkot, from where you can see a fabulous glimpse of sunshine.

Along the route, you will see many rough tracks, Tibetan monuments, bustling greeny forests, and many more. Similarly, from the hilltop areas of Sarangkot, you can discover substantial Himalayan ranges of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Machhapuchhre, etc. While returning, you can opt for vehicles, or you can follow the same hiking routes on foot.
Similarly, reaching World Peace Pagoda on a hiking route is full of greenery, solid blocks, elevating tracks, Tibetan influences, floras, and faunas. Along with this, Naudanda day hiking is another fabulous option for travelers. Thus, the day hiking experience in Pokhara is an ultimate choice if you are a peace and adventure lover.


Pokhara is an ultimate gateway to Annapurna Circuit trek, which is very popular among trekkers and mountaineers. Similarly, there are many such trekking routes from Pokhara Valley, where you can discover the majestic architecture of Mother Nature. Along with Annapurna Circuit trek, some popular trekking routes pass through this panoramic valley. Some of the popular trekking routes along the trains of Pokhara Valley are Dhampus village trek, Ghandruk Village trek, Begnaskot, hiking, Ghorepani Poonhill Trek, Panchase trek, Sirubari Village trek, etc.

These trekking routes encounters with fabulous hills, green forests, precious floras, colorful birds, substantial mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, traditional villages, and hospitable locals. Some of the major mountain ranges along these routes are Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Machapuchhre (Mt. Fishtail), Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Dhaulagiri, etc. Also, the ultimate view of greeny Langtang hills will give a great eye catchy vision to all the trekkers.

Tibetan Refugee Camp:

Tibetan Refugee camp in Pokhara, is another point of attraction where travelers can explore the Tibetan arts, architecture, monuments, heritages, museums, and local Tibetan handicraft shops.

Tashi Ling, Tashi Palkhel, Jampaling, and Paljorling are the major Tibetan camps in Pokhara. Similarly, there are some Tibetan settlements in the hilltop areas of Pokhara valley. Travelers can research on Tibetan monasteries, histories, and the overall Tibetan influences. Similarly, you can buy Tibetan handicrafts, garments, ornaments, and other merchandise signifying Tibetan culture.

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